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Logo Design

"A Logo is as "graphic mark or emblem" commonly used by commercial enterprises, organiSations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition."

Let's face it, your logo is the face of your company in peoples first instances. It represents who you company is and what your organisation can offer. A professional looking logo is an absolute must!

Not only will it give your company a professional appearance, but also enables your customers to recognise your brand at a glimps.

You want your logo to stand out above the rest and we have the capabilities to do so. We study your industry and the leaders in your industry, to design a well equipt, well thought out design.

Logo Process
The Process

Onpoint Creations will design 5 different concepts with different design aspects. Each design will have it's own feature and look that will represent both your opinions and point of design views, and also our experts creative mind.

You will then be able to amend the designs and view different options of the first look logos. We will continually mend the designs until you are happy with the final logo. We pride ourselves on making our logo designs better than your competition to give you the leading edge in corporate branding.

The Solution

You will receieve a high-resolution EPS or PDF of the logo for future prints and any other formats you need for signatures, letterheads, and other logo aspects.


Cost for a logo designed