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GREAT, So your after a WEBSITE for your company.

There are alot of worries that come with spending thousands of dollars on a website. Web Design company

  • Which company to use?
  • are they reliable?
  • Will this be my best company for my investment?
  • Are they giving me a reasonable price?
  • Will my website be ranked in search engines?
  • Will the company be able to quote me to my budget?

Choosing Onpoint Creations as your web design company will be the best decision you will make. We give quality advice and feedback to all our clients. We are not JUST here to build you a website and then disappear. We are here to assist with help you with enquiries, ideas you may have, issues you are
having with websites and computers or deciding what the next steps are. We have the experience and
knowledge to make the decision easy and simple.

What are the steps in getting a website built?

First, let's arrange a meeting. Call 02 9233 4423 and one of our consultants will happily come to your place of business and run you through what options you have depending on your budget.

We will make sure you understand what is needed and expected from both yourself and by Onpoint. In this meeting we will discuss your ideas, plans for the future, what you want out of the website, where you plan to be, and more. This will help most people "settle their nerves" in the matter.

From our meeting, we will know exactly what design layouts, ideas, colour schemes, marketing strategy and SEO you are after.

We will then prepare a quote, signed by our Managing Director, and once you are happy with the price (Which you will be) we can then start the development process of your NEW WEBSITE.

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What Does A Website Cost?

Like any time-based service, it's difficult to give an accurate quote before we know exactly what you need.

It’s like the saying “How long is a piece of string?”

Most of the time, after a quick chat on the phone, we'll give you a ballpark figure. Most of the time websites start at around $1,500 and progress upwards depending on the complexity of the website.

Ecommerce websites tend to start around the $5,000 mark and move upwards depending on the length of the website and the detail needed for the shopping cart.

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How to Proceed?

If you'd like to start things off, call (02) 9233 4423 or send us a message from our contact form.

From there we setup the initial meeting, chat on the phone or email one another.

Once we have signed off on the proposal, we get you your screenshots (3 Custom to be exact).

From there you will be able to give some feedback and we will play with the designs until your happy.


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